College & Department Alumni Groups

The University of Illinois Alumni Association encourages the development of college and department alumni associations (also known as constituent associations), which are organized to support the University of Illinois and the Alumni Association, to promote interest and fellowship among alumni, and to provide leadership in the support of higher education. College and department alumni associations promote their specific college, school or department through special events, publications, alumni awards programs, career networking and social interaction.

College & Department Alumni Association Contacts

Applied Health Sciences
Helen P. Massey - Director of Alumni Relations
Office of the Dean (MC 518)
808 S. Wood St., 169 CMET Chicago IL 60612-7305

Architecture, Design, and the Arts
Anne Guignon
College of Architecture, Design, and the Arts
929 West Harrison Street Chicago IL 60607
ph: 312-996-4714   fax: 312-996-5378

Business Administration
Cordelia D Callaway - Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
601 S. Morgan Chicago IL 60607
ph: 312-413-4354

Analisa F Ogbac - Associate Director of Advancement and Alumni Affairs
College of Dentistry (MC 621)
801 South Paulina Chicago IL 60612-7210
ph: 312-996-0485   fax: 312/413-2927

Helen Drew
3115 EPASW (MC-147) Chicago IL
ph: 312/996-8032   fax: 312/413-2620

Janet M Kashuba - Director of Advancement
Administration, College of Engineering
819 SEO, MC 159 Chicago IL 60607
ph: 312-996-2168   fax: 312-996-8664

Honors College
Anita Ridge
University of Illinois at Chicago
828 S. Halsted St. (MC-204) Chicago Illinois 60607-7031
ph: 312/355-0314   fax: 312/413-1266

Liberal Arts and Sciences
Christopher Phillips - Director of Alumni Relations
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (MC-228)
601 S. Morgan (MC 228) Chicago IL 60607-7104
ph: 312/413-3281   fax: 312/413-2511

Medicine, Chicago
Jenna Plakut - Visiting Director of Alumni Relations, Office of Advancement
College of Medicine (MC-792)
1747 W. Roosevelt Road Chicago IL 60612
ph: 312/355-1171   fax: 312/996-4472

Medicine, Rockford
Angela Ellen Schmidt - Assistant Dean for Student and Alumni Affairs
1601 Parkview Ave. Rockford IL 61107
ph: 815/395-5629   fax: 815/395-5687

Sara Almassian - Development Officer
College of Nursing
845 S. Damen Ave. (MC-802) Chicago IL 60612-7350
ph: 312-996-2315   fax: 312/996-8066

Deb Fox - Assistant Director of Development and Alumni Relations
UIC College of Pharmacy (MC 874)
833 S. Wood St., Room 184L Chicago IL 60612
ph: 312/996-0160   fax: 312/413-1910

Public Health
Heather Aguilar - Assistant Director of Development
School of Public Health
1603 W. Taylor St. (MC 923) Chicago IL 60612-4394
ph: 312-996-1576   fax: 312/996-1374

Social Work, Jane Addams
Jacquelyn Bonavia - Director of Advancement
3115 EPASW (MC-147) Chicago IL
ph: 312/413-2035   fax: 312/413-2620

Urban Planning and Public Affairs (CUPPA)
Jodi White-Jones - Assistant Dean of Communications
University of Illinois at Chicago
412 South Peoria St. (MC 350) Chicago IL 60607-7000
ph: 312/413-9127   fax: 312/413-8095