Alumni Achievement Award

Nomination Form

Calendar: Deadline for nominations is August 31.

The Alumni Association Awards and Recognition Committee will select the recipients from each campus. The awards will be presented by the University of Illinois Alumni Association at Commencement or an Alumni Association event.

Should the committee determine the nominee would be more appropriately honored by means of a different award, it reserves the right to consider each nominee for other, more suitable recognition.

Send nominations to:

University of Illinois Alumni Association
Alice Campbell Alumni Center
601 S. Lincoln Ave., MC-077
Urbana, IL 61801
Fax: 217/333-7803

PLEASE NOTE: This form contains several entry boxes for long blocks of text. The Alumni Association recommends that nominators first review the form, then compose the text in a word processing document and save it, and then copy and paste the contents into the form. This will help ensure that elements of the nomination are not irretrievably lost during the process, and it creates a copy of the nomination for the nominator.

If you experience any difficulties with this online form, please contact the Alumni Association at 217/333-1471, or fax the nomination to 217/333-7803, or send e-mail to
You also can download the MS Word version: More


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