Illini Comeback

Illini Comeback
Illini Comeback
Illini Comeback

Each year since 1980, the Student Alumni Ambassadors of the University of Illinois Alumni Association invite a group of distinguished alumni back to the campus to participate in traditional activities such as the Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally. These alumni honorees also interact with current students and talk about their professional experiences since leaving their Alma Mater.

2013 Illini Comeback Honorees

Jeffrey D. Breslow Jeffrey D. Breslow ’65 FAA
A chance encounter with an exhibit of student work on the University of Illinois campus opened Jeffrey D. Breslow’s eyes to the world of industrial design. Little did he know that he would go on to graduate from the University’s program and eventually be recognized as one of the most respected toy designers in the field. Breslow began such work in 1967 at Marvin Glass & Associates in Chicago, where he stayed for more than 20 years and rose to the position of managing partner. Branching out in 1988, he helped form Breslow Morrison Terzian & Associates, which evolved into Big Monster Toys, one of the largest independent toy design studios in the world. Inducted into the Toy Manufacturers of America Hall of Fame in 1998, Breslow was honored for lifetime achievement at the 2008 TAGIE (Toy and Game Inventor) Awards in 2008. That year, he stepped down as BMT’s president and CEO to devote himself to sculpting full-time, where he combines a love of nature with the joy of design. This fall, his granite-and-steel tribute to his mentor, UI professor Ed Zagorski, was installed on campus. Breslow also established a visiting artist fund in the College of Fine and Applied Arts, from which he earned a bachelor’s degree in industrial design in 1965.

Col. Michael S. McBride Col. Michael S. McBride ’84 las
Retired Col. Michael S. McBride is a 27-year career infantryman in the U.S. Army, where he served in a variety of roles, from rifle platoon leader to adviser to the Iraqi Army to senior liaison to the U.S. House of Representatives. He holds a master’s degree in strategic studies from the U.S. Army War College and is a graduate of The Army Command and General Staff College. Col. McBride completed the Army ROTC program at the University of Illinois, where his experiences broadened his global perspective and sense of social justice and greatly influenced his approach to soldiering, leading and developing relationships with peoples from different cultures. For his contributions, which included combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, Col. McBride has received the Legion of Merit with oak leaf cluster and the Bronze Star with “v” device for valor in combat with three oak leaf clusters, among other commendations. Having retired from his military career in 2011, Col. McBride is studying for a master’s degree in education at the University of Illinois and is devoted to mentoring young people. An inaugural inductee into the Fighting Illini Army ROTC Hall of Fame, he earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in 1984.

Tonise Paul Tonise Paul, ’79 media, ms ’ 80 media
Tonise Paul has made an indelible mark on the advertising industry as president and CEO of Energy BBDO and as director of BBDO Worldwide, the most awarded agency network in the world. Fueled by Paul’s vision that to grow brands, one must invigorate all of the people involved—employees, clients and consumers—Energy BBDO has grown fivefold under her leadership and counts as its clients such iconic brands as Bayer, Bud Light, Mars/Wrigley, PepsiCo/Frito-Lay, Quaker and SC Johnson. Paul, who joined BBDO in 1983 and worked her way through the ranks, has received numerous honors, including “Advertising Woman of the Year” (1999, Women’s Advertising Club of Chicago), Chicago Illini of the Year (1998, University of Illinois Alumni Association) and repeated listings in “Forty Under 40” (Crain’s Chicago Business). Paul serves on the James Webb Young executive board at the UI College of Media, as well as on the boards of Off The Street Club, UNICEF, the Mundelein Seminary and numerous business organizations, including the Executives Club of Chicago. She is a member of The Commercial Club of Chicago, The Economic Club of Chicago and the Chicago Network. A life member of the University of Illinois Alumni Association, Paul earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in advertising from the College of Media in 1979 and 1980, respectively.

Past Illini Comeback Guests


Ron Bess ’69 BUS, MS ’72 media
Sheldon Siegel ’80 bus
Beverly Washington ’78 faa


Ryan Baker ’91 media
Paul Schrage ms ’59 media
Bud Strom ’54 ahs


Bob Epstein ’74 media
G. Robert Hillman ’72 media
Jon Khachaturian ’78 eng
Laura Rowley ’87 media


Mark Filip ’88 las
Robert G. Kennedy ’78 eng
Marvin White ’69 las


Scott W. Atlas '77 LAS
Barry Sabath '74 LAS


Lee Archambault ’82 ENG, MS ’84 ENG
Cathy Larson Koerner ’87 ENG, MS ’89 ENG
Maj. Matthew C. Shortal ’94 BUS


C.O. “Doc” Erickson ’43 ACES
Gregory Paw ’85 MEDIA
Betty Lee Sung ’48 LAS  


Andrea Darlas ’94 MEDIA
Stuart M. Kaminsky ’57 MEDIA, AM ’60 LAS
Ann Davenport McBrien ’82 BUS


Mary Frances Fagan ’76 MEDIA, MA ’83 LAS
Bridget Later Lamont, MS '72 LIS
John David Mooney, MFA ’65 FAA
Grover “Russ” Whitehurst, AM ’68 LAS, PHD ’70 LAS


John Burgstone ’95 ENG
Londa Jorgensen Dewey ’82 LAS
Carol Hillsman Sagers ’79 MEDIA


Scott Altman ’81 ENG
Temple Grandin, PHD ’89 ACES
Laura McInerney Jennings ’83 BUS  
Barbara Baxter Pillinger ’56 AHS
Andrew A. Sorensen ’59 LAS


Daniel J. Balz ’68 MEDIA, MS ’72 MEDIA
Henry Givens Jr., EDM ‘61
Edward L. McMillan ’69 ACES
Sheldon B. Rubin ’64 LAS, ’66 VM, DVM ’68 


Dr. Scott Anderson MS ’36 ENG, PHD ’40 ENG
Carol Ross Barney ’71 FAA
Dianne Sautter Campbell ’71 ED
Merle Gilmore ’70 ENG
Mary Kay Kretch Haben ’77 BUS


Cheryl R. Berman ’74 MEDIA
Lu Ann Walker Maddox ’74 AHS, MS ’76 AHS
Peer Pedersen ’47 DSSWV, LLB ’48 LAW
Fred A. Rubin ’72 FAA
Lt. Gov. Corinne J. Giese Wood ’76 LAS


Doris Kelley Christopher ’67 ACES
Eileen F. Fisher ’72 ACES
Fred F. Guyton Jr. ’61 FAA
John A. Johnson ’64 ENG, MS ’65 ENG
Arthur Ramer Wyatt ’49 BUS, MS ’50 BUS, PHD ’53 BUS


Rowine Hayes Brown-Truitt ’38 MEDIA, MD ’39 MEDIA
Julia J. Henderson ’36 LAS, AM ’37 LAS
David F. Linowes ’41 BUS
Park C. Livingston ’30 LAS, MED ’81
Charles B. Shuman ’28 ACES, MS ’29 ACES


James M. Benson ’68 LAS
Judge Maynard Glitman ’55 LAS
Debra L. Mitchell ’75 FAA
Cordell Reed ’60 ENG
Dr. Katie Harper Wright ’44 LAS, EDM ‘59


Judge Eugene N. Hamilton ’55 LAS, LLB ’59 LAW
R. Rolando Hinojosa-Smith, PHD ’69 LAS  
Carol Ann Keiser ’68 ACES
Robert D. Novak ’52 LAS, HON ’98 
Gary K. Wolf ’63 MEDIA, MS ’69 MEDIA


K. Kenn Allen ’71 LAS
Samuel T. Balen ’57 FAA
Steven H. Gerdes ’77 ACES  
Nada J. Rowand ’58 FAA
Joyce E. Tucker ’70 LAS


Emiel Hamberlin, EDM ’77, EDD ’83  
Mannie L. Jackson ’60 AHS
Robert B. Levin ’65 MEDIA
Terri L. Ludwig ’85 LAS
David A. McConnell ’54 VM, DVM ’56
Eleanor H. Moty ’68 FAA


Jacqueline Triche Atkins ’69 LAS, JD ’73 LAW
Herbert Y. Chang ’60 ENG, MS ’62 ENG, PHD ’64 ENG
George M.C. Fisher ’62 ENG, HON 96
Graham C. Grady ’80 LAS
John G. “Red” Kerr ’54 UIUC
Cecilia McCane “Ceil” Kuzma ’70 LAS
Miriam J. “Jess” Marlow ’58 DSSWV
Lester H. McKeever Jr. ’55 BUS


William F. Kirk ’64 ACES
Landon Parvin ’70 BUS
Roger L. Plummer ’64 ENG
David A. Powless ’66 BUS
Christina Walton Tanner ’86 LAS
Eddie N. Williams ’54 MEDIA


Stewart D. Daniels Jr. ’49 LAS
Stanley L. Elkin ’52 LAS, AM ’53 LAS, PHD ’61 LAS, HON ’86 
Laura Barber Fraley ’77 LAS, MS ’79 BUS
William E. Geist ’68 MEDIA
Charla M. Krupp ’75 MEDIA
Robert “Bob” Martinez AM ’64 LIR
William F. Mellberg ’75 BUS
Dora Dougherty Strother AM ’53 ED
Barbara Seaquist Williams ’49 BUS


Nancy Goodman Brinker ’68 LAS
Richard B. Fink ’50 VM, DVM ’52
Rita Bell ’65 BUS
Jacquelyn Knight Gates ’71 UIUC
H. Richard McFarland ’52 ACES
Susan Sowle Suter ’72 LAS


Gary K. Bielfeldt ’58 ACES, MS ’59 ACES
Lee H. Falk ’32 LAS
Richard H. Frank ’65 BUS
Grover G. Hankins, JD ’72 LAW 
Hachiro “Buddy” Koyama, AM ’80 LIR, HON ’95 
Kathy Olesker Pounds ’71 LAS
Gail Shapiro Steinberg ’69 LAS


Max Abramovitz ’29 FAA
Barton A. Cummings ’35 MEDIA
W. Leonard Evans. Jr. ’35 BUS
John C. Houbolt ’40 ENG, MS ’42 ENG, HON ’05
George E. Keck ’32 BUS
Jack S. Kilby ’47 ENG
Thomas A. Murphy ’38 BUS
James B. “Scotty” Reston ’32 MEDIA
Alfred B. Swanson ’45 MEDIA, MD ’47 MEDIA
Phillips Talbot ’36 MEDIA, ’36 LAS
Robert C. Underwood, JD ’39 LAW  
Wilma L. Vaught ’52 BUS


Lee L. Morgan ’41 ACES
Steven R. Nagel ’69 ENG
Lou Proana ’66 LAS
Edith Ann Stotler ’68 LAS
John L. Strom ’35 MEDIA


Michael Colgrass Jr. ’56 FAA
Donald C. Johanson ’66 LAS
Barbara Miller Knuckles ’70 LAS, MS ’71 MEDIA
Prentice H. Marshall ’49 DSSWV, JD ’51 LAW
Lynn Morley Martin ’60 LAS
Sherman Ted Rice ’43 ACES, MS ’48 ACES, PHD ’50 ACES
B. Kenneth West ’55 LAS


Andrew Barr ’23 BUS, MS ’24 BUS
Richard A. Campbell ’49 ENG, MS ’50 ENG
Roger J. Ebert ’64 MEDIA
Richard A. Greenberg ’70 FAA, MFA ’72 FAA
Charles Marshall ’51 ACES
Cesar Pelli, MS ’54 FAA
Meredith Pleasant Sparks PHD ’36 LAS


James S. Brady ’62 MEDIA
Harry J. Gray ’41 MEDIA, MS ’47 MEDIA
Gardner W. Heidrick ’35 BUS
Herbert H. McKenley ’49 UIUC
Godfrey Sperling Jr. ’37 MEDIA  
Marion Morse Wood, PHD ’65 MEDIA 


John B. Anderson ’42 LAS, JD ’46 LAW
Arnold Orville Beckman ’22 LAS, MS ’23 ENG
Carole Kamin Bellows ’57 LAS
Earl B. Dickerson ’14 LAS, HON ’84 
Malcolm C. Todd ’34 LAS
Craig S. Virgin ’77 MEDIA


Harold R. “Hal” Bruno Jr. ’50 MEDIA  
Arthur S. “Arte” Johnson ’49 MEDIA
Kathleen K. Kellaigh ’76 FAA
Alfred N. Koplin ’49 DSSWV
Lester G. Leutwiler ’29 ENG
Timothy J. McCarthy ’72 BUS
Nina Temple Shepherd ’55 LAS
Larry A. Werries ’62 ACES


John S. Coleman ’57 MEDIA
Sheldon F. Good ’55 BUS
Alan M. Hallene Sr. ’51 ENG
Nancy Thies Marshall ’79 LAS
Cirilo A. McSween ’54 LAS
Judith Ford Johnson Nash ’73 AHS
Jane Hayes Rader ’54 LAS