Alumni Achievement Award

The Alumni Achievement Award was established in 1957 to recognize alumni of the University of Illinois who have attained outstanding success and national or international distinction in their chosen business, profession or life's work, and whose accomplishments reflect admirably on or bring honor to the institution.

Previous Recipients

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Joseph H. Burckhalter '38 LAS
Research Professor, Chemist
Florida Institute of Technology


Gary K. Bielfeldt '58, ACES, MS '59 ACES
Managing Partner, Bielfeldt and Company
Chairman, The Bielfeldt Foundation

Archie R. Clemins '66, ENG, MS '72 ENG
Admiral, U. S. Navy
Commander-in-Chief, U. S. Pacific Fleet
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

R. Rolando Hinojosa-Smith PHD '69 LAS
Professor of English and Creative Writing
The University of Texas at Austin


Jerry J. Colangelo '62 ALS
Owner, Phoenix Suns
(National Basketball Association)
Owner, Arizona Diamondbacks
(Major League Baseball Team)

John A. Georges '51 LAS
Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
International Paper Company

Leo M. Henikoff, Jr. MD '63 MED (UIC)
President, Rush University
President and Chief Executive Officer
Rush Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center
Pediatric Cardiologist

Robert D. Novak AB '52 LAS
Newspaper Columnist, Television Commentator, Author
Washington, D.C.


Mannie L. Jackson '60 ALS
Chairman and Owner, Harlem Globetrotters
Retired Senior Vice President and Corporate Officer
Honeywell, Inc.

H. Richard McFarland '52 ACES
Businessman, Philanthropist, Patriot
President and Owner
McFarland Foods Corporation

Cesar Pelli '54 ARCH
Architect, Designer, and Distinguished Architectural Educator
Cesar Pelli & Associates


Nancy Goodman Brinker AB '68 LAS
Founding Chairman
The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

Donald C. Johanson AB '66 LAS
Physical Anthropologist
President, Institute of Human Origins

Edwin G. Krebs AB '40 LAS
Professor Emeritus, University of Washington
Senior Investigator Emeritus
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Nobel Prize Winner


David H. Blackwell AB '38 LAS, AM '39 LAS, PHD '41 LAS
Statistician, Educator, Author
University of California, Berkeley
Member, National Academy of Sciences

Steven B. Sample '62 ENG, MS '63 ENG, PHD '65 ENG
Educator, Inventor, Administrator
President, University of Southern California

Richard Cline AB '57 LAS
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


Albert Leslie Babb MS '49 LAS, PHD '51 LAS
Chemical Engineer, Biomedical Engineer, Humanitarian
Designer of the First Portable Kidney Dialysis Machine

George M.C. Fisher '62 ENG
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

Lynn Morley Martin AB '60 LAS
Congresswoman, Teacher
Former Secretary of Labor


Richard H. Frank '65 CBA
Walt Disney Studios

Steven R. Nagel'69 AAE
Colonel, U. S. Air Force
NASA Astronaut

Dennis D. Swanson '61 MEDIA, MS '66 MEDIA
ABC Sports, Daytime and Children's Programming
New York


James S. Brady '62 MEDIA
Vice Chairman
National Organization on Disability, Washington, D.C.
Former Press Secretary for President Ronald Reagan

John F. Burke '47 LAS
Surgeon, Scientist and Educator
Harvard University Medical School

Samuel K. Skinner '60 CBA
United States Secretary of Transportation


Charles Marshall '51 ACES
Vice Chairman of the Board
American Telephone and Telegraph Co.

Arnold R. Weber AB '50 LAS, AM '51 LAS
Northwestern University

B. Kenneth West AB '55 LAS
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
Harris Bankcorp, Inc.