College & Department Alumni Groups

One of the best ways to build ties with your Alma Mater and fellow alumni is through your college, school or department alumni organization. These groups offer professional and social networking, create opportunities for student/alumni interaction and keep you up-to-date on alumni and college news. Working in partnership with the University of Illinois Alumni Association, college and department alumni organizations connect our alumni to one another, build U of I loyalty and encourage alumni leadership, advocacy and service.

Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences

Tina Veal - Director of Alumni Relations
124 ACES Library, Information and Alumni Center, MC-180
1101 S. Goodwin Ave. Urbana IL 61801
ph: 217/333-5127   fax: 217/244-4511

Applied Health Sciences

Jean Driscoll - Assistant Dean for Advancement
110 Huff Hall, MC-586
1206 S. Fourth St. Champaign IL 61820
ph: 217/333-2131   fax: 217/333-040


Ginny Davis-Reinhart - Assistant Director, Human Resources and Communications
Institute of Aviation, MC-394
1 Airport Road Savoy IL 61874
ph: 217/244-8641   fax: 217/244-8761


College of Business
Paula Besson - Director, Alumni Affairs
470C Wohlers Hall MC-706
1206 S. Sixth St. Champaign IL 61820
ph: 217/244-4081   fax: 217/333-4254
MBA Program
Paula Marie Besson - Director, Alumni Affairs
1206 S. Sixth St.
470C Wohlers Hall Champaign IL 61820
ph: 217/244-4081   fax: 217/333-4254


Debbie Morgan - Associate Director of Development
140 Education Building
1310 S. Sixth St. (MC-708) Champaign IL 61820
ph: 217/244-7228


Aerospace Engineering
Timothy Cochrane - Associate Director of Advancement
309 Talbot Lab, MC-236
104 S. Wright St. Urbana IL 61801
ph: 217/333-1149
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Celeste Arbogast Bragorgos - Director of Communications and Alumni Relations
1210 Newmark Lab, MC-250
205 N. Mathews Ave. Urbana IL 61801
ph: 217/333-6955
Computer Science
Julie Gustafson - Publicity-Promotion Specialist
2233 Siebel Center for Computer Science, MC-258
201 N. Goodwin Ave. Urbana IL 61801
ph: 217/244-0095
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Sarah Heier - Coordinator of Alumni and Student Relations
55 Everitt Lab
1406 W. Green St. Urbana IL 61801
ph: 217-333-5817   fax: 214-265-6499
Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering
Lynnell Lacy - Coordinator of Development and Alumni Relations
117 Transportation Building, MC-238
104 S. Mathews Ave Urbana IL 61801
ph: 217/333-0140   fax: 217/244-5705
Materials Science and Engineering
Cindy Brya - Coordinator of Alumni Relations and Development
201B MSEB, MC-246
1304 W. Green St. Urbana IL 61801
ph: 217/333-8312   fax: 217/333-2736
Mechanical Science and Engineering
Betsy Powers - Visiting Coordinator Alumni & Student Relations
149 Mechanical Engineering Building, MC-244
1206 W. Green St. Urbana IL 61801
ph: 217/233-9713
Nuclear, Plasma and Radiological Engineering
Susan Mumm - Coordinator of Alumni Relations
214 Nuclear Engineering Lab, MC-234
103 S. Goodwin Ave. Urbana IL 61801
ph: 217/244-5382   fax: 217/333-2906
Erin Kirby - Assistant Director of Advancement
2112A Loomis Laboratory, MC-704
1110 W. Green St. Urbana IL 61801
ph: 217/244-1901   fax: 217/244-4293

Fine and Applied Arts

Roger Laramee - Assistant Dean for Advancement
100 Architecture Bldg., MC-622
608 E. Larado Taft Dr. Champaign IL 61820
ph: 217/333-1661   fax: 217/244-8381

Graduate College

Charlotte Bauer - Communications Specialist
204 Coble Hall (MC-322)
801 S. Wright St. Champaign IL 61820
ph: 217/333-0035   fax: 217/333-8019

Labor and Employment Relations

Eric Green - Director of Development
241 LER Building, MC-504
504 E. Armory Ave. Champaign IL 61820
ph: 217/333-1488   fax: 217/333-7177


Jennifer Carroll - Director of Alumni Relations
208 Law Building, MC-594
504 E. Pennsylvania Champaign IL 61820
ph: 217/244-6765

Liberal Arts and Sciences

Joan Volkmann - Associate Dean for Advancement
Office of Advancement
2111 South Oak St., Suite 100, MC-608 Champaign IL 61820
ph: 217/333-7108 Ext. 271   fax: 217/244-6252

Library and Information Science

Diana Stroud - Assistant Dean for Advancement and Alumni Relations
121 LIS Building, MC-493
501 E. Daniel St. Champaign IL 61820
ph: 217/244-9577   fax: 217/244-3302


Lesa Brandt - Assistant Director of Alumni Relations and Development
1119 Gregory Hall, MC-462
810 S. Wright St. Room 102 Urbana IL 61801
ph: 217/300-3908   fax: 217/333-0411

Social Work

Meredith Olson - Coordinator for Advancement
Social Work Building
1010 W. Nevada St., Room 2002G, MC-082 Urbana IL 61801
ph: 217/333-2261   fax: 217/244-5220

Veterinary Medicine

Beth Erwin - Coordinator for Special Events and Alumni Relations
3226 Veterinary Medicine Basic Sciences Building, MC-002
2001 S. Lincoln Ave. Urbana IL 61801
ph: 217/333-9543   fax: 217/333-4628