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See the World With Fellow Alumni and Friends Travel to one of many fascinating destinations with fellow Alumni Association members through EXPLORERS, the alumni tour program. See our Photo Gallery of previous tours in the links to the right.
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Marvelous mosaics and views

Ahhh, the Mediterranean: The clear and beautiful water, the wonderful sunshine – you can't beat it. Our tour seems to get better and better every day! Today we journeyed to Pafos in Cyprus and visited the House of Dionysos, which is famous for the mosaics uncovered during the excavation of a Roman house during the third century A.D. Our guide shared with us that these mosaics are considered to be some of the best in the Mediterranean. They were just extraordinary to see and seemed to be more elaborate from one room to the next. After our guided tour, our group was given the opportunity to explore the beautiful resort town of Pafos (so of course shopping was on the agenda!).

After our visit, we traveled to a wonderful restaurant on the beach and enjoyed a family-style meal of traditional Greek dishes – it was delicious! I ended up sitting next to some travelers who were on their own, not with an alumni group, though three of them are graduates from one of the schools on board with us. They asked me all about alumni-group travel and what I thought the benefits were of going with a university. I think I talked their ears off, but they asked! :) At the end of our conversation, one of the women commented on how the group felt like it was missing out by not being part of a their alumni group. It was interesting to talk with them and hear their perspectives on what a wonderful time everyone seemed to be having (as indeed we are!).

On Mother’s Day, staff members on the ship gave every mom onboard a beautiful red rose – it was so touching. I also was able to Skype with my parents and daughter, and it was amazing to see them in their house in Illinois when I am thousands of miles away in the Mediterranean. It really made my Mother’s Day very special, and I was grateful to be able to talk with them for a few minutes!


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