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The University of Illinois Alumni Career Center provides individual and group career/life transition counseling and maintains an active liaison with employers so that University of Illinois alumni have the necessary tools to conduct a successful employment and career management campaign.
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Business Cards Go High-Tech

Business cards are the latest business tool to go high-tech! High-tech business cards are very popular within the technology field, especially with new start-ups. Entrepreneurs are creatively designing business cards to brand themselves, their product or their business. The contact can use their mobile phone to quickly connect to you through a USB connection or by clicking on a QR code (Quick Response code) to access your website, email or other social media sites. Some companies are uniquely designing their cards in such a way that the product or business becomes unforgettable. For example, a hotel reservation company whose targeted clientele are very tech-savvy individuals designed their business card to look like a hotel keycard while a Lego product manager passed out tiny Legos with his contact information on it.

For a job seeker, using a high-tech business card when networking can make sharing and storing your contact information easier.  It enables recruiters, colleagues and individuals you are networking with easy access to your LinkedIn profile, website, blog, or other tools you are using to market and to promote yourself immediately. This is not to say that all job seekers must use high-tech business cards, as they are more expensive than the traditional business cards. However, being familiar with trends, especially in your industry and adapting is important to show the business community you are up to date. Likewise, a high-tech business card may make a difference in a job search where standing out and distinguishing yourself from others is critical.

For more information on business cards, visit the networking tab in Virtual Career Center.

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