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Which side does a nametag go on?

As I staff job fairs, networking events and conference registration tables, I get asked about which side the nametag should sit on.  As you prepare for work holiday parties, professional association meetings and other networking events, follow these guidelines:

  1. Networking events, Job Fairs, etc:  Wear your nametag on the right side (see image).  In this position, the nametag will move closer to the person you are introducing yourself to and whose hand you are shaking. 
  2. When using a cord or lanyard:  Shorten the cord or lanyard so the nametag is viewable when you are seated at a table.
  3. Exceptions: You may notice that people in the service industry wear their nametag on the left.  This position makes it viewable when patrons pass them on that side in a hallway.

Enjoy your holiday festivities and professional networking.  Introduce yourself with confidence.

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I was taught to place the nametag on the left side. Why? Because often the name tag is squeezed together and becomes unreadable when shaking hands, if worn in the right side.