The University of Illinois Alumni Association’s Alumni Career Center will stop providing centralized job listings, career programming, and advising by June 30, 2015. This change will affect how career services are managed throughout the U of I system. Instead of providing career programming and career advising, the UI Alumni Association will be responding to alumni requests for more professional opportunities to engage with one another and with companies directly.

The change is the result of a new three-year strategic plan being implemented by the UI Alumni Association Board of Directors. The UI Alumni Association has established several objectives, all designed to connect, inspire and celebrate alumni in a way that leverages campus-specific programs and efforts, takes advantage of technology, and provides direct value that cannot otherwise be gained. For more details about the Strategic Plan, see

To leverage campus-specific programs and relationships and to connect alumni more closely to their Alma Mater, alumni career services will transition from a centralized, full-service model to a campus-specific alumni job board. We’ve been working with the campus offices to provide alternative resources and services.

For continued online career services from your Alma Mater, visit

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